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The Simple Green Smoothie

Ah! The Green smoothie! Who has not heard of the awesome green smoothie? Such a glass of fresh goodness.

Here is a recipe that works for me. Feel free to modify to suit your own tastes


2 fairly ripe bananas ( I usually put in 3)

A big handful of baby spinach

1 ripe avocado (again, I use 2 small avocados)

1 cup of frozen (or fresh) mangoes

a teaspoon or so of frozen pomegranate seeds.

!-1/2 cups of water


Put cut up bananas, defrosted or fresh mango pieces, spinach and defrosted pomegranate seeds into a blender. Then add water and blend until really smooth.

Pour into your favorite tall glass.

Additional ingredients to add

Some other ingredients you can add are: hemp seeds, chia seeds, ground up pumpkin seeds, tumeric and / or maca. It is all about taste, texture and goodness.

So, there you have it- freshness, health and taste in simple steps.


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