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8 Actions for Intentional Happiness

Who has not heard someone say "I just want to be happy." or "my goal is to be happy" ?

Who has not thought that the right circumstance, words, or person will make us happy? Happiness sometimes seems to live just on the other side.. usually on the side where the neighbours live or that one person for whom everything seems to go just right. You know the people I'm talking about - the friend who always seems to have a great job, got the A's in school, is always popular, the neighbours who seem to have it all together- perfect kids, nice house, stellar marriage, great vacations to exotic places or the people for whom there is no problem in the world and who just roll through life on a cloud.

So what is happiness? What does this elusive thing look like or feel like? Is it a feeling, a state, an emotion? Or could it be... dare I say it.. a decision? What if "happy" is something we choose to be each day when we wake up no matter what is happening around us? What if happiness has more to do with what we give than what we expect to receive?

For me, happiness is in the present. Each morning will come with its own set of problems and frustrations, but, by being proactive on a daily basis and adopting an ongoing course of action and developing a positive mindset, we can navigate the hazardous waters of life. There are many ways we can equip ourselves to be happy. Here are 8 ideas to begin a new path of Intentional Happiness.

1. Improve Social Skills

  • Increased confidence

  • Better communication with others

  • New and better career opportunities

  • New friendships and relationships

  • Less time wasting with negative associations

  • Improved physical health

  • Increased earning potential

  • Better networking skills

2. Practice Gratitude

  • Better emotional health

  • Better mental health

  • Better physical health

  • People like us more

  • We are less self-centered

  • We are more optimistic

  • We are less focused on material possessions

  • We are more excited about exercising

  • Improves our career opportunities

3. Live in the Present

  • Gives us a positive outlook on life

  • Helps us to focus and concentrate

  • Increases our productivity

  • Reduces sleep problems

  • Reduces destructive ways of thinking

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

4. Exercise Regularly

  • Make it fun; do something you enjoy

  • Be realistic and give yourself time

  • Give yourself rewards for "sticking to it"

  • Make exercise a social event-exercise with a group

  • Work exercise into your daily life (walk to work, household chores)

  • Don't listen to your excuses (too busy, too tired)

  • Think of the benefits you will gain

5. Associate with Positive People

  • For inspiration

  • For support

  • For laughter

  • For good advice

  • For adventure

  • For a positive influence

  • For a positive outlook

6. Adopt a Growth Mindset

  • Believe that you can....

  • Embrace failure as your teacher

  • Build existing skills and learn new ones

  • Get around people with a growth mindset

  • Don't listen to the "naysayers"

  • Stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself

  • Read inspiring books

  • Remember that everything has a beginning and we all start there

7. Serve Others

  • Influences others and impacts them to serve as well

  • Adds purpose to our life

  • Gives us an emotional and mental boost

  • Decreases stress

  • Connects us to a community

  • Increases our lifespan

8. Act on Dreams and Goals

  • Time will pass anyway whether you do or whether you don't

  • No one is going to achieve your dreams or set your goals for you

  • There is a reason we have dreams of what we want to to do or accomplish

  • Our dreams and goals are what keep us alive

  • A goal is a dream with a deadline and this makes it achievable

  • Acting on our dreams is an act of self love

How do you find your happy? I Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sharing ideas is the game and life is for living

Diana's passions are family, travel, self-improvement, living a debt-free/financially free life. She also loves hanging out with friends and being with her dog, Skye. You can connect with her through livingandstuff.com

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